19 Famous Dads That Were Really Handsome Before They Had Kids and Who Look Even Better Now

2 years ago

Becoming a dad is a kind of test in a man’s life. Children are a source of new problems and worries about the future. But one thing is for sure: having children at home doesn’t just make dads worried but it also makes them incredibly happy.

We at Bright Side have made a compilation of famous fathers that started to look even better after they had kids.

Tom Hardy — 44 years old, 3 children

Benedict Cumberbatch — 45 years old, 3 children

Chris Hemsworth — 38 years old, 3 children

Eminem — 49 years old, 3 children

Matt Damon — 51 years old, 4 children

Jude Law — 48 years old, 6 children

Ethan Hawke — 51 years old, 4 children

Mark Wahlberg — 50 years old, 4 children

Enrique Iglesias — 46 years old, 3 children

Chris O’Donnell — 51 years old, 5 children

Ewan McGregor — 50 years old, 5 children

Vin Diesel — 54 years old, 3 children

Ben Affleck — 49 years old, 3 children

Vincent Cassel — 55 years old, 3 children

Matthew McConaughey — 52 years old, 3 children

Conor McGregor — 33 years old, 3 children

Dwayne Johnson — 49 years old, 3 children

Ryan Reynolds — 45 years old, 3 children

Jamie Dornan — 39 years old, 3 children

Do you think that both parents should be busy with their kids or should one spend more time with them than the other?

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