19 Handy People Who Can Turn a Barn Into a Castle

6 months ago

Many people feel anxious when they hear the word “renovation.” But you don’t have to spend a lot of money or hire a team of builders to make your home more cozy. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a few details or changing the color of your furniture or walls for the room to look completely different.

Sometimes just changing the curtains and removing unnecessary things from the room is enough.

“Repainted our kitchen in white.”

“I had never done any DIY (didn’t know how a drill worked) and made a lot of errors. I figured it all out myself.”

“Furniture I made for my tiny house”

“Wallpaper was very expensive, so I decided to paint it myself. $10 for paint samples and about 30 hours of good fun.”

“Giving our 1961 pink tile half-bath a refresh with some new wallpaper!”

“Painted my friends’ balcony door. Now they have cranes walking around the room every day.”

“My new kitchen interior baskets — I crocheted them from natural jute.”

“I live in a rented apartment. I’ve had small kitchens before, but this is the smallest I’ve ever had. Decided to give my teeny-tiny kitchen a mini facelift!”

“A few months ago, I posted the first picture and got lots of useful advice. Now, somewhat later, my living room changed drastically. ”

“A fresh look for the fridge”

“Our ceiling with the old lamp and then with the new one”

“Basement bathroom upgrade”

“Painted the entry door in our cramped little hallway, the brown was such a gloomy welcome.”

“Very low-budget redo of a very tiny powder room. Repainted the walls and got several funny paintings.”

“My ex wouldn’t let me have a pink couch. My new boyfriend repaired this cheap one I found on FB Marketplace and built me a shelf to put above.”

“Been living on an air mattress for 2 weeks while my things are delayed with the moving company. Scratched the nesting itch by hanging this wall of vintage pages.”

“Nothing like a cute little do-over to feel accomplished! My mom and I worked on this together.”

“Peel and stick wallpaper on cheap mirrors — pretty pleased with how it turned out!”

Magazines show the design styles. But very often, we later realize that some things are not as comfortable as they once seemed, and we miss some very important details. Hopefully, this article will help you as you plan your next renovation.

Preview photo credit Snikkiboodle / Reddit


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