19 People Lady Luck Has Turned Her Back On

3 years ago

It just so happens that fate seems to test our resistance and strength and fills our day with all sorts of minor hiccups. And we look at them and think: “Today, Lady Luck is clearly not smiling at me.”

At Bright Side, we believe that the best weapon against any and all misfortunes is sympathy and a bit of laughter. Just take a look at these photos from the people whose luck went out for a walk one day, and remember that you are not alone and everything will soon return to normal.

“The cat really needed to let off some steam, so she decided that ruining my 1,000 piece puzzle would be a good way to do it.”

“With the remaining 3% battery on my phone, I post this.”

“I don’t believe in evil spells, but I do believe in clumsiness.”

I took part in a training that lasted all day from morning to night. Around 3 pm, we were so hungry we asked for a break. With my hands shaking, I rushed with my food to the microwave and... dropped it on the floor. I wanted to lie down next to the drumstick and cry. © Enny15 / Pikabu

“I’d just moved in and the water had been standing still unused for so long, that I now had the pleasure of a few thousand gallons of dirty water before it became clean again.”

“I rode my motorcycle over 1,000 miles so I could finally see the Golden Gate Bridge in person.”

“My girlfriend opened her jewelry making box upside down.”

“My wife came back to a nasty surprise when trying to get coffee this morning.”

“I decided to upgrade to an electric kettle this week, a detail I remembered as it burst into flames on the gas stove.”

“My mom is a beekeeper, and she accidentally spilled 20 pounds of honey to the floor.”

“When your battery swells up into a comfy lithium pillow of death.”

“I couldn’t move my old mattress down a flight of stairs. My dad suggested taking it apart. I asked if this is what he meant... He said he was joking... Now I have a room full of springs.”

“I paid extra for a hotel room with a window instead of an internal room...”

“I ordered 2 pieces of protective glasses just in case. When they arrived they were both broken.”

“Get a Roomba so you don’t have to clean up anymore, they said.”

“I ordered a floor length mirror online and it arrived today.”

What “bad luck” is and how to fight it:

My mom is extremely unlucky (as well as all of her children). Once I went to visit her and brought sushi. We were sitting there talking, she was telling me about another failure. I began to say that she needed to find something to soften the blow in advance, because we all knew that if something bad could happen it would definitely happen to our family. That’s why I always think through all negative outcomes in order to minimize my bad luck. At this moment, my mom bit the roll and began to pull something out of her mouth. I thought it was a fish bone. We’ve all been there. But it turned out it was a needle. Then she said, “How can I soften a blow in advance?© UlaTequila / Pikabu

“Someone threw out a tin of paint with their garbage. The garbage collector started the press without closing the back curtain. We managed to wash the paint off with vegetable oil, but it took us until noon.”

“A few days ago, I stumbled into a store, hit the corner of a glass case, and passed out. My friend then took a selfie against this backdrop.”

“A rough start to the day”

What is your relationship with Lady Luck? Do you have any weird or funny stories? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit UlaTequila / Pikabu


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