19 People Who Are Constantly Fighting for Perfection (and Some Who Have Gone Too Far)

2 years ago

There are perfectionists and those that don’t care about the little things. Perfectionists have no extra things on their tables, and their clothes are always ironed and neat. But these are just the most obvious signs. What if there are less obvious indicators like collecting things, or perfect snowballs?

We at Bright Side respect the people that love when everything is in order. And it still amazes us that perfectionism may also hide in less obvious things.

“My tidy dorm neighbor has drawn the lines you can’t cross when you’re in shoes”

“My classmates say I take the best notes”

“My dad kept all the glasses he’s ever worn since 1964.”

“Our company keeps our favorite cereals on hand for us to eat breakfast.”

“My color-coordinated Hot Wheels collection”

“I won a very white cruiser from our Christmas giveaway.”

“My parent’s sand collection, each location is written on the white tags.”

“Home office coming together nicely!”

“I made a pueblo out of clay for my Roborovski hamster.”

“This perfect round snowball I made.”

“The way my wife’s phone case matches with our hotel table”

“My boss insists that we keep our desks really tidy.”

“These ducks love private space.”

“This triangular shadow under my windowsills”

“The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob.”

“My cracker is missing 3 holes.”

“I keep a log of every apple type I eat.”

“Accidently sent too much soap at work so we made a lovely symmetrical pyramid”

A mug for lazy perfectionists

Admit it — are you a person that likes it when everything is perfect?

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