19 People Who Got the Gifts They Least Expected

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When we are preparing gifts, we usually try to guess what a person wants or needs the most. Even though this tactic is a win-win, we may eventually run out of ideas, and that’s when our creativity comes into play. You may get inspiration for this from our list of gifts people didn’t expect to receive.

1. “Every year I give my wife a hunky guy calendar with my face pasted on all the guys...”

2. “Woah, calm down doughnut store!”

3. “Coworker had some time off before Christmas, we decided to give them a gift.”

4. “First day of Teacher Appreciation Week and this was our gift bag given to us by the administration.”

5. “My girlfriend and I fought and didn’t talk for 3 days so I sent her an Amazon gift with this as the message.”

6. “Selling my house, leaving this in the crawlspace in the basement for the new owners as a housewarming gift.”

7. “Sibling gift exchange.”

8. “It’s National IT Professionals Day. This is the cake we were gifted.”

9. “My Wife has been secretly collecting pictures of me sleeping for months. Today, for Father’s Day, I was gifted the collection. I present, ’Catnapping.’”

10. “Got this big roll of toilet paper as a gag gift for Christmas.”

11. “Not the worst gift.”

12. “A friend of my dad’s, who is a heart surgeon, has a T-Rex skull in his office.”

“It was gifted to him by some eccentric guy after he performed surgery on him and saved his life.”

13. “We were gifted with an inflatable pool. However, we’re not exactly ‘sunlight’ people...”

14. “A podiatrist gifted my office a solid chocolate foot.”

15. “As a nursing student I think I was gifted the best socks ever by my PA friend.”

16. “The blanket my wife gifted me. Archie the model, for scale.”

17. “The restaurant I work for is closing until further notice. My manager gave me a gift.”

18. “We exchanged mugs for Christmas and got our friend one with a meme she made of her husband.”

19. “Oliver got a Christmas gift.”

What was the most surprising gift you have ever received or presented?

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I love gift giving. Crimbo just gone and its my 23 moon olds bday next week. Can't wait to see her little face x


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