19 People Who Saw Something Special in Everyday Life

2 years ago

Our eyes are the fastest muscle, and they can react quickly to the things we encounter on a daily basis as well as other things out there. When we come across these ordinary things on a regular day that we realize are a little different, it turns our day into a special one.

At Bright Side, we compiled a list that appears to be normal, but it is much more than that.

1. “An anthropomorphic icicle hanging from my eave this morning”

2. “These patches of perfectly round mold on our bread”

3. “I accidentally projected Stevie Wonder on the wall using my reading glasses.”

4. “This colorful pigeon I saw today”

5. “My small tomato plant looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton film.”

6. The pattern inside this red cabbage looks like art.

7. An orange slice portrays a perfectly-shaped apple.

8. “A stain that looks like a unicorn”

9. “The way this oak tree grew tangled up around this palm tree”

10. “A single snowflake inside my vehicle resting against the radio monitor”

11. “The fuzz on my sock looks like a flamingo.”

12. “My shaving cream came out like a snail.”

13. Conjoined mushrooms

14. “Lived on a small island most of my life and LOVE beachcombing. First time finding something like this.”

15. A happy jalapeño that swims in the broth

16. “My banana bruised in the shape of a smiling banana.”

17. “The way the smoke created a near-perfect picture of a polar bear on the lid of my grill”

18. “My mom was driving and saw someone with a Woody doll hanging from their car.”

19. “I tried growing jalapeños this year, and this was the only one that grew. It had one single seed in it.”

Have you experienced something like this? Feel free to share and tell us about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit SaintJuneau / Reddit


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