19 People Who Went From “Zero” to “Hero” When Puberty Hit

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There are very few things in life that are more embarrassing than looking back at pictures of our pre-pubescent times. Weird hairstyles, faces covered in pimples, and dorky braces... sound familiar? And then suddenly, puberty works its magic and you end up evolving into a seemingly new person. Shocking indeed.

In honor of dramatic transformations, we at Bright Side made a compilation of 19 of the most astonishing bodily changes that happened in that awkward transition between childhood and adulthood.

1. “13 to 20. My mom gave me that haircut.”

2. “(13–25) Uhh, being nice on the inside, oh and getting new eyebrows, is the best advice I ever got.”

3. “I’m thankful braces exist (12 to 20).”

4. “13–22. Got myself bigger glasses.”

5. “12–21. Same backyard, same camera, but a genuine smile.”

6. “I was told this belongs here. 13–34”

7. “16 vs 23. I had a bad time during all my school years, from elementary to college, until I reached my 20s.”

8. “My uncle called me a ‘Caveman’ growing up! Eventually figured out my hair situation. (10–19)”

9. “13–21. Staying hydrated and eating matters.”

10. “Age 17–24, I was bullied a lot growing up.”

11. “16–30. Still a nerd tbh.”

12. “11 vs 28, lost that baby fat and learned how to smile.”

13. “2011–2018 (16 years old vs 24 years old)”

14. “(13–19) same guy, just different tie”

15. “14 to 22. Well done, puberty.”

16. “12–27. Lost a chin, but gained a smile”

17. “16–22. The years in between these 2 were rough.”

18. “13 to 24. Got contacts, stopped brushing my hair, and found puberty.”

19. “4 years later (16–20)”

Which of these before-and-after-puberty transformations do you find the most dramatic? Did you also experience a similar transition? Share any pics you may have in the comment section.


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Holy smokes 15... man I'm jealous ?? He's the same age as me but I look like a kid compared to him!


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