19 People Who Were Suddenly Showered With Surprises They Least Expected

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We all probably know the feeling when we don’t expect anything nice to happen, and then some surprise pops into our life and turns the whole day upside down. Today’s heroes are ordinary people who were busy with their everyday tasks when they suddenly discovered something that made them go through a whole range of emotions. Some of these happenings may wow you, while some could make you do a small facepalm, but they certainly won’t leave you indifferent.

Here at Bright Side, we truly believe that all the best things happen accidentally, and we’ve found 19 gems to prove it. Let’s dive into the world of unexpected twists and turns together.

1. “I wonder how far this onion could go.”

2. “I came home to this last night. I married the right woman.”

3. “I crocheted my dress, and a good friend crocheted my bouquet.”

4. “My brother’s epic mullet, circa 1994”

5. “I present to you: a gigantic opalized ammonite fossil.”

6. “Swedish mannequins have different shaped models.”

7. “My friend cut into his cake and said, ’Oh my gosh, this cake is a meme.’”

8. “A 14-foot-tall mannequin from the Moschino store in SoHo, NYC”

9. “An absolute unit of a carrot — large man forearm for scale”

10. “This is my foot. I’ve been wanting to see an X-ray for 22 years. Thought you guys might want to see it too.”

11. “My niece thought my mom needed this sticker while she was sleeping.”

12. “She met a dog for the first time.”

13. “Holding the first girl born into the family in 31 years”

14. “Visual contact that only the bravest can endure”

15. “Turns out my girlfriend’s dog is in love with me.”

16. “My cousin (left) and our nana on her wedding day”

17. “I couldn’t imagine anyone loving popcorn so much.”

18. “My 90-year-old grandma just graduated!”

19. “Ever wonder how deaf people wake up in the morning? This is my vibrating alarm clock — I’m deaf and a heavy sleeper.”

Which photo gave you all the feels? Do you have such gems in your photo albums at home?


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Preview photo credit RoguePineapple / Imgur


I've NEVER seen a carrot as big at your forearm, but I have seen an apple the size of a BASKETBALL once
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