19 Pets That Put a Love Spell on Their Owners

3 years ago

Studies have shown that owning a cat or dog can increase the owners’ fitness levels, lower their stress, and bring overall happiness. Not that we needed proof of it, but now we can safely say that pets are a great addition to your household. Maybe at first, some people were reluctant to have them at home, but after discovering the benefits of a loving pet, there’s no way to go back. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at the picture of a dad who didn’t want hamsters 4 years ago below in our article!

Bright Side has found 19 pictures in which the enchanting effects pets can have on their owners have been captured. We also added a bonus at the end of the article that will convince you to adopt a pet —if you haven’t already, that is.

1. “Against my dad’s wishes I bought a cat. Here he is, laying down, fishing out cat toys from under the fridge with the cat.”

2. “He convinced her to be nap partners.”

3. “The moment I was overcome with the urge to take the dogs and run”

4. “Enjoying his foot massage”

5. “He calls her Lucy, short for Lucifer, because apparently, ’they don’t get along.’”

6. “She was already under his spell at a very young age.”

7. “He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.”

8. “We don’t need another cat.”

9. “Before my mom leaves the house, she sets up the Kindle so the cat can watch bird videos in bed.”

10. “She got him so hard under her spell, he’s massaging her sore leg.”

11. “I told my wife we’re NOT getting a rabbit. I’m secretly glad she didn’t listen...”

12. “My boyfriend claims to hate cats. My cat slept over last night and as soon as he put his arm around him, there was instant purring.”

13. “He’ll give the dog all the hugs he needs.”

14. Playing Animal Crossing together

15. The man loves the cat as much as the cat loves him!

16. “My friend’s son loving his dog”

17. “My dad 4 years ago: ’No hamsters in this house!’ My dad now:”

18. Enchanted at first sight...

19. “Took my old kitty for a walk. She’s very curious about the outdoors so I want to show her everything while she’s still with us.”

Bonus: And we bet this guy will put a spell on all of you!

Does your pet also have you completely under its spell? Do you dare to post a picture that captures why your pet is so sweet? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit totallyNotTheFBI_ / reddit


My cat would never let me to do such a foot massage for him :(

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