19 Photos That’ll Make You Feel Like It’s Never Too Late to Chase Your Dreams

2 years ago

Some people make body transformations due to health issues, and others because they are motivated to look different — both of which are inspiring and influential. In the beginning, working out and changing your food choices can feel like a never-ending battle. But sticking to patience and everyday patterns is key to reaching your goals, just as these stirring people did.

We at Bright Side love to see people living their dreams and changing their lifestyles, and we offer some of their before and after pictures throughout their journey over the moon!

1. “Lost 125 lb in 2 years with a heavy emphasis on sustainable habits.”

2. “I just snapped and decided to try counting calories and see if that helps. It was so much less restrictive, so much easier on my mentality.”

3. “I work out 4-5 days a week. 10 minutes core, stretch, warm up ride, 30-45 min cycle class, cool down, stretch.”

4. “10 months, I’m only 16 lb away from my goal weight! Don’t forget to look back at where you started!”

5. “Majority of the weight was lost on keto. I have incorporated a gym routine the last year or so. Weights, no cardio. Push as heavy as I can.”

6. “7 months, 2021 was a year of glow-ups for me. Excited about the progress to continue in 2022!”

7. “There’s 4 years between the picture, but about 3 years of slow and steady progress.”

8. “I probably feel younger now than I did at 24.”

9. “I definitely got my youth back, it was a whole new lease on life!”

10. “Fitting nicely into a large range of clothing is one of the best benefits of losing weight.”

11. “2 years, showing myself a bit of self-love and appreciation after a breakup”

12. “21 months, official in the normal weight bracket”

13. “Got out of an unhealthy marriage and found myself! Goal weight never felt so good.”

14. “I feel much better about myself, but for me that has more to do with making more nutritious choices and being more active.”

15. “2 years, making sustainable lifestyle changes and slow, gradual weight loss works best!”

16. “3 years of weight loss”

17. “I’m approaching the 3 year mark of my life style change. I’ll never give up on myself again.”

18. “9 months, was overweight as a sophomore and decided to lose weight a little over halfway through my junior year.”

“I’m now halfway through my senior year!”

19. “3 years, feels good to go from XXL to XL and 44 waist to 38 waist.”

Did you find some of these people inspiring? Would you consider changing your lifestyle?

Preview photo credit solo2070 / reddit


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