19 Technical Support Employees Share Job Stories From When They Almost Lost Their Patience

3 years ago

Oh, no... our computer won’t turn on and we quickly call technical support services to help us out of this complicated situation. However, the repairs don’t always turn out to be as simple as we think they’ll be. Some issues are real nightmares that need the service of experts to save us and rescue our precious devices.

Bright Sides admires all the technical support employees for the patience they show when repairing our electronic devices.

1. “A customer came in because his phone said ’No SIM.’ I wonder why... (Old SIM on the bottom, new SIM on top for comparison).”

2. “A customer called: ’We are having too much trouble with our internet and telephony.’ So I went on-site and found this interesting cable setup.”

3. “A client arrived with his iPhone. The glass broke and he thought that, if he took it off, the cracks would become invisible.”

4. “Melted monitor. ’But I HAVE to have a lamp at my desk. I just push it behind my monitor because it’s too bright.’”

5. “The nastiest mouse I have ever seen in the field. Make no mistake, that is not dust. That is... uh... hand-grease.”

6. Apparently, the owner believed that this was the way to turn it into a pocket-sized player.

7. “A restaurant’s I.T. keyboard... interesting.”

8. “This beauty came in for repair today.”

9. “The client was upset her iPhone wasn’t working properly. Diagnosis: Not actually an iPhone.”

10. “Is thiiiis normal?”

11. “The PC died. Don’t know why...”

12. “So this is how HD Rumble works...”

13. “The ’gore’ here is that this is still being used daily by my customer, who refuses to upgrade.”

14. “The genius who closed last night thought it would be a good idea to put notebook paper in our printer.”

15. “A picture of a customer’s server room before we started the contract.”

16. Completely dead from abuse but “I need it back working in 2 days...”

17. “Why is my access point not working?”

18. “Client’s ex thought she could ‘get the memory card out’ to
catch her partner’s infidelities.”

19. “Someone played Tic-Tac-Toe on the motherboard (?!)”

Have you ever lost an electronic device forever due to an irreparable failure? Tell us about it in the comments.

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