19 Thrift Stores Finds That’ll Make You Wanna Rush and Grab Something for Yourself Too

3 years ago

Of course, buying new things is cool. However, some lucky folks occasionally find such amazing treasures in thrift shops that any shopaholic might be left speechless when they see what gems thrift hunters have managed to get.

We at Bright Side don’t mind digging into the depths of thrift shops in pursuit of our own hauls. This is why we would like to show you the purchases of those who’ve already succeeded in this sphere.

“I was convinced this $6 top was meant to be paired with these $5 pants.”

“Paid about 24¢ for this dress.”

“Pendleton blazer for $3. It’s a women’s blazer, but fits me perfectly!”

“I just found this beautiful princess dress.”

“Found this vintage, cropped, cow print sweater in a thrift store. I almost didn’t get it because it was badly stained, but after 2 stain removal treatments, it’s beautiful.”

“$14.99 and I couldn’t pass it up!!”

“Here’s the most sentimental thrift store find I’ve found yet. I’ll hold on to it until the day I die!”

“Coolest crop top I ever did cop (for $3).”

“My greatest find. New Christian Louboutin dress shoes. I paid $25 and retail is $950.”

“Usually have such a hard time finding proper fitting high-waisted trousers but I recently found these in the men’s section for $6. Literally, fit like a dream!”

“Got this beauty yesterday for $4! Super cute tucked or untucked!”

“Found this Maison Margiela wool coat for a bit more than $20 in Stockholm. Not sure how much it’s worth but they sell others for around £800-1000 ($1,000-1,350)!”

“Went to a thrift store to help a friend find a Christmas tree, walked out with this Christian Dior sweater for $6! The screech I let out when I saw it was otherworldly.”

“Found a jacket today that looks like your grandma’s luggage.”

“I was in the thrift store for maybe 5 minutes when this gem appeared out of nowhere. My size, decent condition, and only $5.”

“Been looking for a mirror like this for AGES! Got it for $16! Best purchase ever.”

“$5 secondhand store find. The tag has some faded French and says ‘dry clean only,’ so I will assume I got myself a fancy turtleneck!”

“Despite my unwillingness to bring it home, my boyfriend pleaded and now it’s ours. I present to you our Darth Vader toaster.”

“No one can top these. Vintage, real leather, 5” platforms. It just doesn’t get better than this!"

What cool purchases were you lucky to grab at a great price?

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that picture with old people and the guitar players is just a masterpiece, I'm in love 😍


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