19 Tips From Women That Can Make Anything Much Simpler

Women invented car heaters, dishwashers, and fold-out beds. And they demonstrate their outside-the-box thinking every single day, finding ways to make our lives simpler and more pleasant. We decided to share their life hacks with you, and in the bonus section, you’ll find a couple more useful tricks.

“My wife wanted a family pic for the holidays, so she used these clips as a phone stand.”

“If you have no shoe stretchers handy, roll up a wet washcloth and put it in a plastic bag, then shove it tightly into the toe of the shoe.”

“Put the shoes in the freezer overnight. The expansion of the freezing washcloth will stretch out the toe.”

“Face products last nearly twice as long. Just cut off the ends.”

“My mom’s friend made the bed corners safe.”

Hair clip entertainment system

“If you drop nail polish, pour sugar on it. After a few minutes, you can just sweep it away.”

“A simple wash and a good brush were all it took to revive my faux fur rug.”

“My girlfriend came up with an awesome shower hack to watch her show in the shower!”

“This is an easy hack if you get back pain from sewing and don’t have an adjustable desk/chair. A monitor stand!”

“Use a paste of micellar water and baking soda to remove tough stains.”

“Rub off the excess with a rag soaked in micellar water, then buff with a microfiber towel.”

“My girlfriend figured out an easy way to dry her toenails quickly. The fan has adjustable tripod legs, and she just wraps it around her leg.”

“Don’t throw away old sweaters — make mittens.”

“Using a finished spice container to hold bobby pins”

“When traveling with essential pins, here’s one way to keep them all together without a container.”

“My mom improvised a standing desk to work from home, complete with an adjustable keyboard shelf.”

“I use old pill bottles to organize my crafting supplies.”

Instead of buying disposable diapers for dolls, you can make them using single socks you have. Cut the top, and make holes for the legs on the sides.

“Made a scrubber with leftover materials.”

“I use a hair pin to mark the end of my duct tape.”

Bonus № 1

  • My daughter is old enough to use public restrooms on her own. But if the lock gets stuck, and she panics, I use a small coin as a screwdriver. One turn and the door is open. © Amorette Kitsa / Quora

Bonus № 2

  • My husband called me and said, “Please boil 6 eggs, I’ll bring a can of good tuna and make a salad.” He comes home and we start cooking. When it’s time to peel the eggs, he says, “Did you boil them in cold water?”
    They were hard to peel. I was shocked and we started arguing. He took 2 identical eggs, put them in warm water, and then threw them in boiling water. 10 minutes later, he removed them, and they were very easy to peel. © LediSheglec / Pikabu

Do you know any tricks or life hacks that make your life a lot easier?

Preview photo credit Helpfulness / Reddit


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