19 Women Who Have Probably Discovered the Elixir of Youth

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6 months ago

There are women who draw attention at any age while their friends ask them to reveal their skin and hair care secrets. We have put together the photos of beautiful ladies who will remind us how important it is to love your face and body and never stop taking care of them.

“The skin of my 86-year-old grandma”

“When she was 20, skincare was absolutely not popular and not talked about. One day she said, in the streets, she heard a man talking about how important it was to take care of the skin. That you should use a moisturizer and protect the skin from the sun! Since that day, she told me she always used a day moisturizer and a night one, and a cream for around the eyes and actual SPF.”

“I’m 46. I went to gym just to take pics of myself, then ate at Waffle House.”

“I’m a mom of 3 who recently took a good blow to my self-confidence. In fact, this picture is my most recent selfie. Just could use a boost.”

“I use tretinoin and snail mucin for beautiful skin.”

“I’m 41, and I’m going to be spending another New Year alone. But it’s better than a toxic relationship.”

“First time in bathing suit a few months ago. Mother of 3, does it show?”

“Would you believe I’m not wearing any foundation whatsoever?? So proud of my skin.”

“I’m 41. I never bought a dress like this, and I felt confident wearing it!”

“My mom (on the right) just turned 60 a week ago.”

“40-year-old mother of 2 needing a pick me up after a heartbreak.”

“I turned 30 this week.”

“Today I turned 36!”

“Switched from using expensive, luxury brands to lab skincare brands last August. This is the difference it’s made.”

“I’m 39.”

“I’m 38 at a bachelorette party”

“Is this an acceptable outfit for a 34-year-old mom? Or maybe a bit too much?”

“Today’s my birthday! I guess 51 isn’t so bad!”

“It’s my birthday today! I’m turning 30!”

“I’m 51.”

Even beauty pageant winners can’t conquer the battle with time. And it’s always interesting to see how Miss Universe winners have changed over the years.

Preview photo credit LottieChp / Reddit


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