19 Women Who Prove That Makeup Can Do Wonders (Even If They Don’t “Need” It)

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3 years ago

Makeup has a long and fascinating history. The Ancient Egyptians used it for medical purposes and believed that eye paint protected them against evil forces. A century ago, in the fight for the right to vote, women wore red lipstick as a symbol of freedom from oppression. Nowadays the reasons to wear makeup are as diverse as ever. It can be used to give off a subtle vibe or to radically transform a woman’s look — the only limit is her imagination.

Today at Bright Side we decided to show you some of the amazing women who have used makeup to subtly enhance their looks and bring out their best features. We’re sure you will find some inspiration and maybe even learn a new trick or 2 to add to your repertoire!

1. “Why do I look the exact same, yet so different?!”

2. “My improved soft glam look”

3. “I never do red lipstick but this time it just felt right.”

4. “Before & after with lip contouring”

5. “First attempt at lip lining”

6. “Went for a natural look and used some lilac on my eyes”

7. “Before & after a berry good makeup day”

8. " Soft look, I love the way it feels"

9. “Photo shoot makeup”

10. “This is my ’no makeup’ makeup look.”

11. “The power of makeup, I’m pushing 30.”

12. “Date night look”

13. “My everyday look”

14. “Now I feel able to experiment more and attempt to enhance my features instead of just conceal what I don’t like.”

15. “I find that skin tint gives me a nice glow without being heavy on coverage.”

16. Before and after: (almost) No-makeup makeup

17. “For my brows I just try to use a little bit of pomade and a light hand.”

18. “Before & after in only 10 minutes!”

19. “I try evening out my brows in the most natural way possible.”

What is your favorite way to do your makeup? Do you go with a more natural look or do you prefer to experiment more? Let us know what you think and share your favorite methods in the comments!

Preview photo credit nymphet***ne-x-girl / Reddit


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I mean their skins just look smoother and I think they tried harder on the photo


My mom always says that if you're in a hurry and still wanna look gorgeous then just wear red lipstick.


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