20+ Absurd Situations That Only Cat Owners Could Get Into

4 years ago

Our pets are not just fluffy interior decorations. They become members of our families with their own quirks and character traits. And some of them even have full authority over their owners. The last statement is especially true for the representatives of the cat family.

We at Bright Side are in love with cats and their owners who shared the stories about their pets with mixed feelings of pride and shame.

  • In the summer, our cat Mura spends her days walking the streets and comes home only to eat and to sleep. And once, she fell into a ditch. She’s terrified of swimming! So I was looking at her attempts to get into the house after this adventure and was thinking about how much the redecoration would cost if I let her in. My husband saw me looking through the window and asked:

— Are you enjoying the show?

— Yep...

— Don’t you think it’s time to let her in?

— We have no choice...

— Ok, let’s open the door on the count of 3. But we have to catch her...

We were holding Mura together, but our bathroom got covered in the dirt anyway. She left wounds on my hand, bit my husband, and tore my T-shirt apart. After this fight, she didn’t speak to us for 3 days. © AnastasiyaDN / Pikabu

  • People who say that dogs are better than cats because a cat would never pull you from a burning building just don’t know that my cat tries to save me from the shower every day. I don’t know what he’s hoping for with his 8 lbs of weight, but he keeps on trying. © TomKilianArt / Twitter

  • My cat is the most gentle and loving creature on the planet toward me. However, she hates all other animals with a passion. So whenever I get home from visiting a friend with dogs or cats, I pretty much need to immediately strip naked, chuck my clothes and hoodie in the washer, and take a shower myself. Or there will be a lot to pay for hanging out with other animals. © synocrat / Reddit

  • Me: *pouring water for my cat in a bowl*

My cat: *drinks water from a vase; licks water from the windowsill; drinks soapy water from the bath; evaporates water from the air; prays for rainy weather to drink some water; sucks water from the plants; drinks my tea; does anything except for drinking water from a bowl...* © great_knee / Twitter

  • The reasons my cat got mad at me today:

— I didn’t let him sit in a bowl with meatballs;

— I didn’t let him bite my hand;

— I didn’t let him touch an iron;

— I didn’t let him poke his face in the gas stove.

Yep, his whole life is a tragedy. © kyrie_miserere / Twitter

  • A friend of mine had a very capricious boyfriend and an ill-mannered cat. When her relationship started to go downhill, because her boyfriend was very hard to please, she decided to change the situation. She prepared a romantic dinner, bought an expensive steak for her boyfriend (she’s a vegetarian), and beautifully set the table. When her boyfriend came and sat at the table, her cat snuck out the expensive steak. So my friend just took the meat from the cat’s mouth, cut off the piece with the traces of the cat’s teeth, and put the rest on the plate (as she later said, she was just shocked and confused about what to do). Then she wondered why this guy didn’t eat the meat and disappeared soon after.

  • I took my cat to the vet:

— Oh, he’s so handsome! His paws look so powerful! And just look at this nose! And these ears! Let me take a picture of this cutie. Can I touch your belly? Buddy, you’re in perfect shape!

Is it ok if I go to a vet too? © omruruch / Twitter

  • My cat disappeared a week ago. But 4 days ago, I found him and brought him back home. Today my cat returned. Now I have 2 identical cats. Can you imagine what my cat has been through? He came back home, but he was already home. © romario25011974 / Twitter
  • I moved my wardrobe today and found my cat’s hiding place with $6, 2 socks in different colors, and my red lipstick. It seems like my cat might be saving up to run away from me. © Dominastya / Twitter
  • When I was 6, I had a cat with a terrible disposition. We used to have a tree in our yard that was 40-50 ft tall. Once, he climbed up it and got stuck. Of course, we called the fire department but they said that they couldn’t help because they didn’t save cats from trees anymore. I was really sad so my mom used her last argument: she asked the fireman whether they knew who her father was. We lived in a small town, and my grandfather was a well-respected man, so they came. But while they were coming up with a plan to save the cat, he just climbed down the tree and headed back home as if nothing had happened. © Slutseatingcunts2 / Reddit

  • My cousin’s birthday was a few days ago. We all were hiding in the living room, waiting for my cousin to walk in so we could surprise her. When she came in, we turned on the lights, jumped out, and yelled: “Happy Birthday!” My aunt came from the kitchen with the birthday cake and the candles lit. And I guess the cat was taken off guard. He jumped onto the Christmas tree (a real one), so it tipped over onto my aunt and the flaming candles. The tree started to smoke and eventually caught on fire. Luckily, we were able to put it out, but the cake was ruined. © PowerBank50 / Reddit

  • This furry bastard brought a live mouse into the house and let it go. I refuse to once again provide entertainment for him by catching it while he watches. If he managed to catch it once, he can do it one more time. © yortw / Twitter
  • I used to date a handsome and tough guy with tattoos, a beard, and huge biceps. We broke up without any drama, but he called me the next day and asked: “I noticed that you have a problem with the tap in your bathroom. Do you want me to fix it?” And a couple of days later: “I’m near your apartment and I have some candies. Is it ok if I bring them to you?” Things went on like this for several weeks, until I asked what was going on. And he said: “I miss your cat!” It’s true! Every time he came back to my apartment, he’d just start hugging her. And he still asks me to send him pictures of her.

You probably have similar stories about your pets and the pictures to illustrate them. We’d love to see them in the comments.


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OMG my dad did the exact same thing when we got a dog.. he didn't want one and refused to join us when we went to get one. He now walks with this dog everyday and they are best friends


Ah the number 1 rule! Never get up when your pet is sitting ontop of you or behind you ?


HAHAHA the cat in front of the spy cam! His/her face is to die for!


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