20+ Animal Couples That Look As Moving As Your Wedding Photographs

4 years ago

Whether animals can experience romantic love is unknown, but there are many heartwarming pictures that show that animals might communicate their feelings to each other and show affection, devotion, and genuine care for each other.

Here at Bright Side we have no doubt that animals love each other just like we do and for you we prepared some stirring and emotional animal couple pics that will make you go “Aww” and feel like you’re looking through your old wedding photos.

1. “Most Romantic Couple” photoshoot by the lake

2. “Let’s spend all 9 lives together.”

3. These cuddling hamsters are literally relationship goals.

4. “This is what cat engagement photos would look like.”

5. A sweet couple of parakeets to light up your day

6. An adorable couple with big poofy tails

7. Dalmatian family photo session

8. Otter family`s sweet nothings

9. Pure puppy love

10. Love knows no boundaries.

11. The sweetest kiss on the cheek

12. Owls whispering sweet nothings to each other

13. These koalas are having a love moment.

14. Sharing beautiful moments together

15. One panda is cute, a couple of pandas is death by cuteness.

16. Snuggly couple

17. Terribly adorable sloth family portrait

18. So much love in one photo!

19. Penguins need hugs too!

20. “These rescue doggies can’t stop hugging.”

21. Capybara’s mutual adoration

22. Because turtles get attached too.

23. Turns out goats love cuddling!

24. Lovey-dovey

25. That would be a perrrfect wedding photo!

Have you ever seen such sweet animal couples? Did you manage to take a photo? We’d be happy to hear your stories and see your pics in the comments below!


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Otters are actually such gentle animals. Saw photos how moms otters take care of their kids, and now how they hug each other. Really sweet ?


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