20 Animal Parents That Radiate Purrrr Love

4 years ago

Love is the earth’s driving force, especially a mother’s love. They say that beauty can save the world but affection may do it more effectively. In our daily routine, we frequently don’t notice the similarities we have with animals around us.

The Bright Side team found 20 lovable examples of human-like care for little, furry babies.

1. “Look at you, mucky-pup!”

2. “If only they could accept you into kindergarten earlier...”

3. “Don’t you dare move, she finally fell asleep!”

4. “Mom, you’re squishing me!”

5. “Mama will guard your dreams.”

6. “I’m an adult! You will always be a kid to me.”

7. “Come on, kiss your mother, no one is watching, don’t worry!”

8. “I don’t even know where you get all that energy from!”

9. “I’ve got a runny nose, Mom. Take care of me!”

10. “Don’t even think of touching them.”

11. “When mommy pretends she’s offended and I fall for it...”

12. “I know it’s time to sleep but I want to hear the ending, Mommy!”

13. “Oh, that’s right, you won’t let me finish my meal.”

14. “I warned you to bypass the dirt.”

15. “Why do you only choose dangerous places to play at?”

16. “Let me scratch you a bit.”

17. Tickle time!

18. “Son, you’re old enough to walk by yourself, but I’ll hold you in my arms one more time!”

19. “I can’t believe that one day I won’t be able to lift you up.”

20. “Remember kitty, a sound mind means a sound body.”

Have you ever noticed such behavior from your pets? Or maybe you’ve even captured the moment? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit irmaleopold / reddit, SMKV / pikabu


This makes me want to go to my mom and give her a big-big hug ?
Parent's love stays the same in animal's world too!
Such a cute compilation :3

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