20 Animals That Fell Asleep in the Most Random Places, and We Don’t Want to Wake Them Up

3 years ago

It’s a well-known fact that animals like to sleep wherever they please. They often have a tendency to doze off and dream deeply in the strangest places and positions. Most of the time, we wonder how they could even be comfortable, but secretly wish we could watch them sleep like that for hours.

We dare you not to yawn while looking through these 20 pictures of your favorite sleeping animals compiled by Bright Side.

1. “Our cat loves sleeping on the hammock outside.”

2. Not the most convenient place to fall asleep...

3. “Found my dog asleep like this.”

4. Both sleeping deeply — the cat trusts the dog 100%.

5. Dreaming of being the karate kid

6. “Quinn sleeping in my (well, now her) hat”

7. Perfect fit

8. They are deep sleepers.

9. “My cat will sleep anywhere.”

10. “It was slightly unsettling to look back and find my dog sleeping like this.”

11. “Part dog, part gravy!”

12. You could just fit them in your little pocket.

13. “Just my raccoon sleeping in my bed...”

14. Be careful not to sit down!

15. Sleeping bunny

16. “This is how my cat sleeps.”

17. A quick nap can be taken anywhere.

18. “When your dog park experience exceeds expectations...”

19. “Her favorite spot to sleep is in my pocket.”

20. She probably didn’t expect that he’d like to snuggle.

Which of these dreamers is your spirit animal? Do you also have a pet that could sleep in the weirdest places? Share a photo in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, Lyssacorn / reddit


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