20+ Animals That Have Twins in Other Species

5 years ago

The expression “Brother from another mother,” is used to speak about a friend that is so close to you that it seems you are siblings, even though you really aren’t. Recently this expression has widely been used on the internet as a caption for pictures showing animals of different species that strikingly resemble each other. A cat and a rabbit that look exactly alike, a dog and a horse that have a similar pattern, or a fox and an owl who look like brothers separated at birth — some of these couples look just amazing!

Bright Side has prepared for you a collection of pics showing the most extraordinary ‘twins’ from the animal world and a bonus shot that will make you smile.

1. Separated at birth?

2. These 2 make a perfect team.

3. Black-and-white friendship

4. We bet they think they’re real brothers.

5. Shocking resemblance

6. Do they know they are different?

7. How many animals can you see in this picture?

8. What a cute coincidence!

9. It must be hard to tell them apart at dusk.

10. These 2 even have the same facial expression.

11. Who knew a deer and a rabbit had so much in common?

12. 2 fluffy cuties

13. Hey buddy, what’s up?

14. We start to suspect that cats and guinea pigs are closer than we used to think...

15. Red-and-white harmony

16. Find the difference.

17. Who said a dog and a pig can’t be friends?

18. The pattern was copied successfully.

19. One of these cats has very long ears...

20. This mother cat and her kitten look so cute... Oh, wait!

21. Looking in the mirror

22. Where’s the pig and where’s the dog?

23. Their only difference is their size.

BONUS: When you’d do anything to be closer with your dog:

Which of these couples amazed you the most? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit LindaDee / Imgur, unknown / Imgur


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