20 Animals That Made Us Ask “What Are You?”

5 years ago

If someone asks you to describe a pig, what image would you have in your head? Many people would say, “A pink nose and a little tail.” And how about 4 giant fangs? And how about butterfly cocoons that look like gold jewelry? Some animals look so unusual that it seems that J.K. Rowling herself dropped her magic suitcase and at least 20 fantastic beasts managed to escape.

Bright Side found every single one of these amazing animals and made a compilation here in this article.

Budapest highflyer

Damascus goat — baby and adult

Tortoise frog

Hammerhead worm

Visored bat

Madagascar leaf-nosed snake

Luna moth

Harpy Eagle

Babirusa pig

Mexican hairy dwarf

Tiger Wing butterfly

Budgett’s frog

Dugong Marsa Alam

Calliostoma annulatum snail

Mata mata

Mexican honeypot ant

Markia hystrix lichen

Royal Flycatcher

Agama mwanzae — Spider-Man lizard

Long-eared jerboa

Which unusual animal amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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