20 Animals That Prove You Don’t Have to Be Fluffy to Be Huggable

3 years ago

When hearing the word “cuddly,” fluffy cats and dogs typically come to mind. But, as it turns out, looking like you deserve a hug is not necessarily bound to having fur. Many reptiles, fish, and insects can be way more charming than the world gives them credit for. It’s the unique beauty of these scaly animals that will warm your heart to them.

The next 20 non-fluffy animals have already convinced the Bright Side team that our furry friends aren’t the only ones that deserve our love. Will the following pictures convince you to love these sometimes misunderstood creatures too?

1. This baby hedgehog stares deep into your soul.

2. The sweetest octopus alive

3. A happy gecko in need of attention

4. “A ‘jawsome’ friendship has developed between a frog and a crocodile.”

5. After seeing these adorable eyes, nobody will be afraid of spiders anymore.

6. We also call him the “fingertip gecko.”

7. A pangolin mother and child

8. “Round and round and round we go!”

9. “My gargoyle gecko is awkward and adorable.”

10. “Tiny crab”

11. “A baby snail from my backyard”

12. An adorable baby turtle that can cheer anybody up!

13. A real karma chameleon

14. The cutest blinking frog

15. This bearded dragon shows what true happiness is.

16. This baby sphynx doesn’t need fur to deserve cuddles.

17. This snake actually looks really friendly!

18. “This is the adorable moment a little girl played with a huge whale at an aquarium — and it even gave her a ’kiss!’”

19. This sleepy hedgehog is dreaming deeply.

20. “Gimme a fist bump, bro!”

Which of these animals won over your heart? How did your opinion about these sweet creatures change after reading this article?

Preview photo credit albo_underhill / reddit


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