20 Awesome Ideas From Different Countries That Should Be Used Everywhere

4 years ago

We’re sure that each country has something to impress their tourists with: each place has some great ideas that could actually be used everywhere. We think that a tank style dolly for stairs, trash cans with Wi-Fi, and “thank you” buttons for bus drivers should be used by all people all over the world.

Bright Side has collected some interesting ideas from different countries that can make our lives easier, brighter, and comfier.

20. A button to thank the bus driver when leaving (Finland)

19. This antique door helps you find the keyhole, even in the dark. (Germany)

18. This local post box gets painted gold if a local wins gold at the Olympics. (The United Kingdom)

17. These parking lots save a lot of space. (South Korea)

16. This privacy button that covers the sound in the toilet with ambient noises (Japan)

15. UPS uses these “bicycle trucks” to deliver packages to places with narrow streets. (Italy)

14. A bar with Nintendo at every table (The United Kingdom)

13. This tank-style stair dolly (Japan)

12. USB ports inside busses (Finland)

11. Trash cans with Wi-Fi, to inspire people to throw their trash away (Sweden)

10. Plastic finger covers to eat chips with (South Korea)

9. Hitchhiker stations (Denmark)

8. These disposable Tabasco packets in a fast food restaurant (Finland)

7. Female parking spaces that are located closer to exits (Switzerland)

6. Public bikes that let you charge your phone by exercising (Australia)

5. Telephone boxes are being repurposed as public defibrillators. (The United Kingdom)

4. Stoplight for bikes (USA)

3. A plant in a taxi that improves air quality (China)

2. This park has a bike repair station. (Canada)

1. Marble stones instead of painted lines for crosswalks (Belgium)

Which invention do you think is the most useful? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit, k20grld/ instagram


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