20 Babies Who Were Born Not Long Ago but Already Look Old and Wise

3 years ago

Some children could steal Brad Pitt’s role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), about a child who was born with the appearance of an older person. Their looks and attitude perfectly capture the essence of a grandpa who loves playing bingo. These tiny seniors surprise even their families, who often decide to share them with the world.

Bright Side went ahead and selected the best photos of surprisingly old-looking babies.

1. “My son’s birth certificate says 1 week, but the forehead wrinkles say 80-year-old grandfather.”

2. “My nephew, 12 weeks going on 63 years.”

3. “He’s fed up with all the dad jokes.”

4. “He needs help getting over to yell at the kids on his lawn.”

5. “My daughter looking like an overworked Uber driver.”

6. “Reminiscing about his youth made him chuckle.”

7. “Just became the father of this old man.”

8. “Nothing like a combover blowing in the wind. My bestie back when she was a tiny granddaddy.”

9. “My son at 2 months welcoming you to the company.”

10. “I thought for sure my kid’s first word would be ’inconceivable.’”

11. “My son at just about a month old looking like your 45-year-old uncle Dave after Sunday lunch.”

12. “Grandpa got his first smartphone and took a selfie for his Facebook.”

13. “My twins looking like an old married couple.”

14. “My brother-in-law used to look like a travel-sized Soprano.”

15. “My nephew at 3 days old. He’s wise beyond his years.”

16. “My daughter and her great-great-grandmother. I think the resemblance is quite uncanny.”

17. “This 71-year-old grandpa thinks your dinner smells horrible.”

18. “My husband was born ready to file your taxes for less than what the other guys charge.”

19. “My 1-year-old doesn’t have time for my nonsense.”

20. “600-month-old”

What did you look like as a child? Do you know any babies that would fit in perfectly in this compilation? Drop us a photo or any stories you might have in the comments. Don’t be shy!


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the 3rd cute child is gonna be Gordon ramsay I the future i can already imagine him saying You donut!


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