20 Baby Animals That Prove Cuteness Is a Real Superpower

4 years ago

Just like human kids, baby animals are curious, clumsy, big-eyed, funny and adorable, and we all know what great healing powers the pictures of those cuties have on our minds and souls. From dogs and squirrels to anteaters and walruses, these little, chubby creatures can make us squeal with delight and save the gloomiest of days.

Here at Bright Side, we said, “Aww!” when we saw these little babies, and we hope you’ll love them too!

1. Oh, those paparazzi again...I think I’ll just pretend to be asleep.

2. Meet Mani, a baby tamandua who’s simply adorable.

3. In case you have never seen newborn squirrels, this is what they look like.

4. “Peacefully sleeping in the warm palms of my human”

5. What on earth did they find so surprising, we wonder?

6. A lovely baby parrot whose feathers have just started to grow

7. “Excuse me, sir, do you happen to have some juicy leaves for me?”

8. Out like a light...

9. That look! We’re hypnotized by this pretty, little, baby owl.

10. Meet Tilli. She’s a baby aardvark sleeping calmly on her bed.

11. Skunks are not always troublesome — sometimes they’re just as nice as this fluffy baby.

12. A little meerkat looking at its mom with eyes full of love

13. “Just a happy, chunky, baby bunny”

14. “Trying to get some work done today but this Little Moon refuses to be anything but held.”

15. It turns out otters love hugs just as much as we do!

16. This little bat with a stunning look could pose for a fashion photoshoot.

17. Look how happy this seal is to see all of you!

18. That belly though!

19. A sweet baby beaver enjoying his sweet potato

20. Yep! All walruses were babies once.

Which of these babies managed to win your heart? Do you have more pictures of fluffy baby animals to share?


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