20 Before and After Pics Showing People Blossoming Like Butterflies

3 years ago

Sometimes we feel the void between what we are and what we want to be. People in this article found the courage to stop dreaming about their appearance and took action instead. From drinking more water to losing some weight, these people are sources of motivation.

We at Bright Side strongly believe that some time and a little effort can do wonders. So let’s take a look at these people whose “I’ll do it tomorrow...” became today!

1. “I was bullied for my appearance back in school, and now I work in the field of mental health.”

2. “I changed my hair, got contacts, cleared my skin, and lost some weight.”

3. “I started to care more about how I looked when I entered college.”

4. You just need to find the right haircut.

5. “Healthier hair, losing 50 lb, and smiling more!”

6. “Headgear girl with 4 strands as bangs to a teacher, Miss Morgan — to all former and current ugly ducklings: keep smiling!”

7. It’s just a step from what you are and what you want to be.

8. The will to be what you want to be boosts your self-esteem.

9. “I was teased a lot in high school and didn’t stand out as an athlete, so after I left it really gave me the fire I needed to stay consistent.”

10. “The best transformation I’ve seen but I’m totally biased.”

11. “I took better care of my skin and finally bit the bullet and went blonde.”

12. It seems that hair can change your entire look!

13. “As cliché as this sounds, I do notice a difference when I drink a good amount of water daily.”

14. “From being the weird kid to owning my weirdness”

15. A little effort can lead to big changes.

16. “My mom was right, it was just a phase.”

17. “Thank God for braces and my eyes magically fixing themselves!”

18. “Me in my early twenties looking like a troll man to a more normal-looking dude in his thirties”

19. “You can smell the confidence in one and the lack of it in the other.”

20. “Stopped being vegan, balanced my hormones, got a better skin routine, learned a lot about self-love, and wasn’t as hard on myself.”

Do you know someone whose transformation is hard to believe?

Preview photo credit TeenyAlien / Reddit


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I'm very happy for the girl in #2 but I'm pretty sure she could have just changed the style of her old glass and it would be enough to refresh her whole look..


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