20 Bright Siders Shared Their Pets Who Won’t Let Anything Stand Between Them and Their Nap

3 years ago

Animals have this magical ability to quickly fall asleep. It’s almost like a light switch. This often leads to them dozing off in completely random positions or even places, leaving their owners wondering how they can even be comfortable.

Some Bright Side readers generously shared photos of their sleepy pets who just couldn’t stay asleep for one second longer.

1. “My duckling, my son, and my puppy are all having a blissful sleep.”

2. “Sleepy little guy”

3. Mommy always makes the comfiest bed.

4. A long car trip tuckered him out.

5. “My cat today... He’s never slept there before.”

6. What a relaxing couch!

7. “Wake me up when we get there.”

8. Dreaming of a tasty treat

9. The bag is a perfect head-support!

10. “Gravity won’t get in the way of a good sleep!”

11. “My hamster, 6 years ago. He was such a snuggly little guy.”

12. “My cat, asleep on a foosball table”

13. Sometimes we all need a little “balanced” sleep.

14. “Bear likes to nap under my chair.”

15. “Don’t move, hooman. I just need a few hours.”

16. “My hedgehog fell asleep against the glass of his cage.”

17. “I was lying down with my legs up when my kitten fell asleep on them. I didn’t want to move.”

18. Nicely tucked in

19. No box is ever too small for a nap!

20. “This one can fall asleep anywhere too (just like her dad).”

Have you ever caught your pets falling asleep in a funny way? Share your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Andrea Rozario / Facebook


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Hello kitty in the bookshelf... I can totally relate to your situation right now at the office :p hahah


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