20+ Cat Photos That Opened Our Hearts

4 years ago

If a mood-o-meter existed, it would definitely start to go off-scale after looking through this article. All because it is simply impossible to look at kitties and to not become more joyful than before. The cat on the Iron Throne and a sparkling galactic cat are our favorites.

We at Bright Side will never stop saying that watching cats is a direct line to happiness. Check it out — it works, especially the bonus at the end!

1. “High-five me and continue scrolling down.”

2. “My dog’s pillow fell down to the roof a couple days ago. It has a new owner now.”

3. It’s time for bath.

4. “I made my 17-year-old King Arthur a cardboard Iron Throne.”


— Who’s going to bring you a glass of water when you grow old?


6. He rolled in edible glitter and instantly became a beautiful galaxy.

7. “My kitty looks like the cutest Disney villain.”

8. Matured. Got more fluff.

9. His whiskers sometimes curl so they look like glasses.

10. Can you sleep in the style of Michelangelo?

11. Mom and daughter — they look like twins!

12. “I’m adopted???”

13. When you feel like the ruler of the world:

14. “Something told me to inspect my son’s backpack before he got on the bus yesterday.”

15. When no one is there to hug and caress you:

16. A bun stuffed with pure anger

17. Unusual 2-colored eyes

18. “My friend’s cat turned 15 in Japan.”

19. In the running for the next Vogue cover!

20. Somewhere deep inside, you still love your owners. Maybe...

21. When you’ve had an argument but still can’t live without each other:

Bonus: So muuuuuch food!

Are you the happy owner of a cat too? We would be glad to see their cute photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit tsuchiya_ast / Twitter


actually I really want to keep a cat, but my father did not allow it?
This is my George as a tittenmittenkitten. He loved his laser so much. How can you not love him. He was all legs lol

He grew into them and into a gorgeous big boy
Comment with image on Bright Side
Cat from #3 seems to like bathing. So weird for cats.. but such a cute photo ?

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