20 Chameleons People Stumbled Upon and Managed to Capture Just in Time

2 years ago

Camouflaging and blending in is a skill that takes a long time to learn. However, animals seem to be naturally great at it, especially cats and dogs, as they can completely disappear from your sight and make you think you’ve lost them. But that’s not all as sometimes we accidentally create scenarios in which an item of ours blends into the background enough to make us rack our brains for a while.

Bright Side discovered 20 pictures that will be perfect for you to put your eyesight to the test.

1. “Lost my daughter as she practiced crawling on the rug.”

2. “My friend found an invisible cat in Greece.”

3. “All we see is a floating head.”

4. “Wasted a day looking for my Apple Pencil.”

5. When your kid is a genius at hide and seek.

6. “Couldn’t find my tortilla.”

7. “I looked down and lost my legs.”

8. “I was looking for him for a while and was convinced he had escaped.”

9. How to lose your napkins.

10. “Almost stepped on him.”

11. “My jelly shoe is perfectly camouflaged with this asphalt!”

12. “I was looking for my school shirt for at least 10 minutes.”

13. “Almost squished this guy into the carpet when I got home from work.”

14. “My coworker’s new dog has an almost perfect street camouflaging expert.”

15. “Unintentionally mushroom risotto matches my countertop.”

16. That looks like a very warm blanket.

17. A rug with eyes.

18. “The way my rainboot perfectly matches this bar stool.”

19. “New dog bed.”

20. “Mini heart attack, thought I lost my iPad...”

Have you ever taken a camouflaged picture of someone or something like the ones we’ve shown you? We’d love to rack our brains a little more and try to find the hidden chameleons, so please share them with us.


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