20 Cheeky Pets Who Look So Excited About Their Crimes, It’s Hard to Be Angry With Them

3 years ago

There are times when pets really test our nerves. However, if we see their faces and notice how content they are, it becomes difficult to scold them about it. It appears to be their trick to win us over and save themselves, so we end up powerless and even wear a smile on our faces.

Bright Side chose 20 crazy moments when people had a chance to catch their pets’ wrongdoings.

1. “The cat returns with a sausage stolen from an unknown neighbor’s bbq...”

2. “I finally caught him in the act!”

3. “I was just lying here.”

4. “Assert dominance over humanity.”

5. “I was wondering why my succulents were dying...”

6. “Do you like my new hat?”

7. “Nope, it wasn’t me.”

8. “My boyfriend was wondering why his room was so cold.”

9. “No more playing.”

10. “He stole the baby’s pacifier. I’m not mad at all.”

11. Their sleeping position

12. It bit off the last words of the last 5 pages — the ones its owner didn’t read.

13. “It took him 3 seconds.”

14. “Lying on the books like he doesn’t have a place to relax”

15. Not on the pizza! There goes the cheese.

16. Destroying the puzzle without care

17. “Yes, he tore apart his toy, but he was so satisfied and he didn’t get scolded.”

18. The crime scene their owner stumbled upon

19. There goes the trash.

20. What are they looking for in there?

Which one of these pets would you forgive? Which of these crimes would you not be able to walk away from?

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I think most pets make such faces because they simply don't understand they did something nasty
You should see my dog's face when he gets under the bed covers and I happen home early... It's like listening to him shouting "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOME STO EARLY? GO AWAY!""

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