20 Cuddly Gurus of Calmness That We All Need in Our Lives

3 years ago

A good massage, a relaxing bath, or just an invigorating nap is all we need to unwind. And for our pets, this is no different. After chasing balls, running around the house, or carefully watching every step of their humans, they also deserve to relax like the queens and kings that they are.

Bright Side found some relaxation gurus in the animal world so you can channel their inner tranquility and prepare yourself for a serene day.

1. “She loves to chill in the pool in a buoy.”

2. “One of our recent foster kittens came with gardening skills.”

3. “Sun Conures all tuckered out in their hammocks”

4. “My girlfriend, a pediatric nurse, did what’s natural to calm down our new barking puppy.”

5. “Soaking up the sun on a chill day at the river”

6. “Got this little guy one week ago. I wish I could be as relaxed as he is.”

7. “My lazy Bulldog was trying to sleep on a chair that was too small for her. I offered some assistance.”

8. “She got a little relaxed during her bath today after a long visit to the park.”

9. “He relaxed on my guitar while I played and sang for over 3 hours last night!”

10. “My girlfriend made a massage table for her bearded dragon and he loves it!”

11. “Someone is tired from swimming all day.”

12. “Expert level of chill”

13. “He’s 5 months old but still grabs his feeding bottle and lays down to relax while chewing the rubber end.”

14. “Dreaming of catnip”

15. “Sleeping peacefully.”

16. “A sweet boy enjoying his bath”

17. “Nobody relaxes like this guy.”

18. “My friend photographs shelter puppies every weekend. This one decided to relax on her toy.”

19. “She figured out how to stand in the shallow end of our pool.”

20. “Poof loves warm water on her tummy.”

What do you like to do to relax?

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My dog loves snow, he loves to roll around in it and just chill, he kinda loses his mind when it snows :D


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