20 Cute Animals That Are So Tiny They Could Cuddle in the Palm of Your Hand

4 years ago

It’s not often that we see animals that are so small they can make themselves comfortable on our palms, but when it happens it’s a very enjoyable experience. A baby owlet that has just taken shower and is now cuddling in a blanket, a duckling that falls asleep in your hands, or a newborn mouse that’s so small you can only feed it with a paintbrush. The heroes of our article are tiny, sweet, and vulnerable, and they’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy till the end of the day.

We adore animals here at Bright Side and we felt a bit jealous of the people who got lucky enough to hold these 20 tiny cuties in their hands.

1. A tiny baby duckling that mistook a human for his mom

2. That pink belly is waiting for a good rub!

3. “Baby anteaters are possibly the cutest animals I’ve ever seen!”

4. Look, this adorable baby beaver is smiling at you.

5. A white sloth is a truly rare encounter.

6. A puggle (baby echidna) you can only meet in Australia

7. The King of Darkness couldn’t look any prettier.

8. A charming owlet rescued and taken to a wildlife hospital

9. A newborn hedgehog whose fingers are almost transparent

10. “I saved a baby armadillo and got it to a wildlife specialist!”

11. “I made a new friend. Isn’t he so stinking cute!”

12. “Her name is Petra. She is a baby mouse, 11 days old, and I feed her milk with a paintbrush.”

13. Marmosets are the smallest species of monkeys, and they’re usually no bigger than 8 inches.

14. World, meet Floyd, a most charming little chameleon.

15. A baby opossum in a wildlife center looks thankfully at its rescuer.

16. In case you have never seen a newborn ferret — this is what they look like.

17. This rainbow lorikeet fell from a tree hollow. But don’t worry: people took it to a wildlife center where it’s being taken care of.

18. This newborn kitten looks like an alien from a faraway galaxy.

19. “Baby bunny curled up and fell asleep in my hand!”

20. A cute owlet cuddles in a blanket after taking a bath.

Have you ever held such a tiny animal in your hands? Do you have a picture to share with us?

Preview photo credit kevonicus / Reddit


How sloths can manage to be so cute?? This is way too adorable
I can't evenn choose who is the cutest! Every single one of them makes me say "awwwww' ❤️

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