20 Designing Pioneers Who Know Exactly How to Amaze Us

4 years ago

There’s no limit to what idea a designer’s imagination can bring to life. Fortunately, it seems like there’s no end to it! A doorknob that shows you what’s happening in the room behind the door or urinals in the shape of flowers are both a result of restless creative minds that want to make sure our lives are more colorful, fun, and convenient!

Bright Side has found some awesome designs that can add a twist to your ordinary day and once again prove what marvelous things our minds are capable of creating!

1. Urinals in a plant store:

2. Soy sauce dishes that “reveal” a painting once you fill them up

3. This banana peel floor sign

4. A chair at a cafe in Korea

5. “A truck at the Hannover Trade Fair today”

6. This library wall where you can literally ‘grab a seat’

7. “These music shop shutters I saw”

8. An ad in Poland

9. “This doorknob gives you a view of the room you’re about to enter.”

10. “My grandparents have a glassed-over well in their kitchen.”

11. “This flash drive shows what percentage of data is used.”

12. Bottled water shaped like a dumbbell

13. “These chairs fold down when the bus gets crowded.”

14. “That’s one neat space-saving design!”

15. Ballerina water fountains

16. This shelf designed to look like it’s fading into a wall

17. This Swiss bottled water

18. This skate stopper in Canada

19. “The keypad randomizes the numbers each time so the person behind you can’t figure out your private codes based on your hand movements.”

20. “The hardwood floor grew a table.”

Which picture was your favorite? Have you ever come across some cool designs? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit arlest21 / reddit


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I love the library wherein the chairs were organized in the wall because it saves alot of space anywhere! I got an idea, I want this type of set up in my dream house too hehehe thanks Brightside!??


#9 is rather controversial. Just breaks all the means of privacy


I think they should have such cool compact chairs in many public places


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