20+ Discoveries People Made When They Least Expected It

2 years ago

A real-life-sized copy of your child’s toy, a tiny bag for tiny purchases, or plants that grow in the most inconvenient places — the universe always has something extraordinary for us in store. So don’t forget to be on the lookout and perhaps you too will meet a dinosaur on your evening walk home.

Bright Side gathered 23 photos showing that the world is still full of wonders — at least for those with a keen eye. And read to the end of the article to find a matching set of such discoveries.

1. “I meet a man who was 7.9 feet tall!”

2. “2 suns every morning — the city in the distance has a building that reflects perfectly...every single morning.”

3. “I accidentally triggered a ’man overboard buoy’ we found on the beach this morning.”

4. “A truck just pulled up in front of our house that looks similar to my son’s toy.”

5. “My vitiligo under a blacklight”

6. “Found a very tall sunflower — I’m 5’10” for comparison."

7. “An old man I met in the desert in California”

8. “These paw prints dotted around my basement floor from when they set the concrete over 90 years ago”

9. “I saw a Triceratops in my city today.”

10. “This tinier than usual bag for my breakfast burrito”

11. “A seed sprouted from my sponge.”

12. “Frog tracks on my window this morning”

13. “This giant mystery block that appeared in a field I drive past on my way to work.”

14. “This rock looks like a grilled cheese sandwich.”

15. “My cousin’s kid looks like Sal.”

16. “Weeds growing through my living room heater”

17. “A tomato from my garden with bunny ears”

18. “My friend’s cat has 7 toe beans on each paw.”

19. “This geode looks like ocean waves on the beach.”

20. “This butterfly matches the exact colors of my running shoes.”

21. “I climbed Ben Nevis and discovered this halo effect on my shadow.”

22. This is a real object being carried.

23. “Found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

Bonus: An accidental coincidence

“Was pulling up the carpet in my house, and whoever lived here before was a micro-manager.”

“I see your tiny coffee cup and raise you this tiny little fork I found during my home renovation.”

What little discoveries have you made?


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