20+ Dramatic Animals That Were Caught Red-Handed

5 years ago

If animals always behaved calmly and responsibly, we would have very boring lives. Fortunately, our pets behave quite the opposite — they have a secret life that you might not even suspect. And once you leave them for a day, an hour, or a minute, they start doing whatever they want. In this article, we are going to show you exactly what they do.

Bright Side collected photos of animals that were caught when they didn’t expect it.

1. It seems this cat is trying to learn to walk on the ceiling.

2. It’s important to not lose face when you’ve been caught off guard.

3. “I accidentally left the fridge open.”

4. “I turned around for one second!”

5. He is pretending like he doesn’t understand how he got into the closet.

6. Nothing unusual, just a raccoon climbing at an extreme height.

7. “The cat decided to play, instead of us.”

8. “I left an empty box on the floor for 5 seconds.”

9. “These 3 bandits were caught red-handed eating the cat food tonight and were too timid to run away. ”

10. “I think my dog wants to talk to me.”

11. I am a flower!

12. “Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids, not rabbits!”

13. Now I know why the seeds never grew.

14. A dog that poses perfectly for photos, even when he was caught in an awkward situation.

15. “I have no idea what he needs in there.”

16. “No strawberries this year and here is the reason.”

17. “He’s just noticed me.”

18. Ferret entertainment

19. He was hungry.

20. When your dog can look indifferent in any situation:

21. “It seems I have interrupted an important meeting.”

22. This cat thinks he is a squirrel.

23. “The raccoon decided to finish my food.”

24. She just wanted to steal my hair band.

25. He found a cozy place.

26. The look on this cat’s face says, “It was a bad idea to leave flour on the table.”

27. Stuck!

28. “It wasn’t me, it was already like this when I got here.”

29. “Don’t you dare press the flush button.”

30. “We’re just playing.”

Have you ever seen your pets fooling around? Please share their photos in the comments!


All of these are really hilarious, but the person in #4 really should not be squeezing their hamster like that. Hamsters are very delicate creatures, and a mistake many people make is squeezing them like that to make them keep still.

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