20 Easy Life Hacks That Can Turn You Into a Parenting Guru

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4 years ago

Almost every family faces problems like spilled food and drinks, loud toys, and messes on a daily basis. Parents are probably the ones who need to hack their lives the most to survive and it’s mindblowing what incredible foolproof decisions they can come up with to make life at least a little bit easier.

Bright Side sends many thanks to the people who made up these 20 ingenious tips and shared them with us to make our lives a little easier.

1. To prevent baby socks from slipping, make a pattern on the bottom of them with puffy paint.

2. Leave a mark every time you take medicine to be sure you didn’t miss a dose.

3. Make a cup unspillable for kids by covering it with plastic wrap and pierce a straw through it.

4. Make a sandpit for your kids inside a tent. It’s shaded, keeps pets out, and stops grass from growing through it.

5. Glue holes closed on bath toys to keep them clean and mold-free.

6. Use a broom to collect small toys quickly.

7. Add a mirror to the backseat of the car to keep an eye on your baby.

8. Put a frozen wrapped sponge inside a lunch box to keep everything cold.

9. Does your kid always spill their food? Make a suction cup plate!

10. Make a bag of chips easy to close to prevent it from toppling all over the place.

11. Make a Cheerio necklace for your kids to keep them busy and happy while shopping.

12. Does your kid refuse to take medicine? Dip a lollipop in it!

13. Make a portable Lego box to entertain your kid at any time.

14. If your kid doesn’t eat anything, make ice cream out of yogurt.

15. Here’s another way to make a tasty snack: make little dots of yogurt and freeze them.

16. 2 at a time: load all their stuffed toys in a chair cover to get more storage and a comfy seat!

17. Make a bracelet with your phone number on it for your kid.

18. Make homemade soap with a toy inside and your kid will rush to wash their hands every time.

19. If you give your phone to a kid, turn it on airplane mode to be sure they don’t buy anything or call someone accidentally.

20. Wrap the wheels of your stroller in shower caps so you don’t bring dirt inside.

Do you have any parenting tips yourself that work just perfectly? Share them with everyone in the comments — let’s make the lives of parents a little easier!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side


I'm a big girl buy I still like washing my hands with cute soaps, just like little kids ?
#19 is an amazing hack not only for parents! When little kids come to you and ask to give your phone to play - use this hack too ?

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