20 Examples of Cosplay Done Right

4 years ago

The people from this compilation know exactly how to make such good cosplay that nobody can tell it apart from the original characters. After you look at our article, you will have no doubt that it is actual art. Suppose that you have to transform into your favorite character completely. Do you think these people succeded at this?

Bright Side invites you to travel to the world of transformation together with us!

Transformation level: God

This Ursula is actually pretty cute!

A really beautiful Pocahontas

Violet from The Incredibles cosplay. Can she disappear?

Transformers, the beginning

3PO from Star Wars would fall in love with this robot.

And the Oscar for the best costume goes to...

Do you love Dracula’s daughter, too?

When the Mass Effect cosplay is better than the original:

This is the guy who should play The Witcher.

Beware of the Scarlet Witch. There are two of them!

See you in our nightmares!

This girl looks more like Mercy than the real one!

Will it open?

Where is the rest of the family?

The best Hercules cosplay we’ve ever seen.

Some people’s imaginations are unlimited.

Was he the prototype of Maui?

A beautiful beast?

Find the 10 differences.

What do you think about cosplay? Have you ever dressed up as one of your favorite movie or comic book characters?


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