20+ Extraordinary Photos That Prove Nature Has a Vivid Imagination Too

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If you shuffle a deck of cards many, many times, you will evidently get the same hand dealt to you twice. But it’s not the same with genetic diversity around us. There are so many variations that there are truly no 2 people, animals, or objects made by nature that are exactly alike, let alone things that are gifted some extraordinary features.

We at Bright Side have found some unique and beautiful creatures that add many new fancy colors to our beloved world.

1. “Back again to spread some positive vibes. I love to make pictures out of the patterns.”

2. “An artichoke I was eating had teeth of its own.”

3. “My cat has some extra beans! He and his siblings all have extra toes.”

4. “Here’s my hand after a shower.”

5. “How these mushrooms are designed to hold bubbles”

6. “These devil-looking things are called bat nuts and they’re edible.”

7. “Dried squid is a delicacy in North Africa. They look like vampire ears though.”

8. “This lemon from my lemon tree looks like it has ears or little arms.”

9. “A sunburst inside my cedar”

10. “This kid calls his belly button a cinnamon roll.”

11. “Can anyone else spread their fingers like this, palm flat?”

12. “Only half of my face sweats and turns red.”

13. “This one absurdly long leg hair of mine”

14. “How I can bend my finger to the back of my hand”

15. “2 of my toes on both feet are stuck together.”

16. This cat has an up arrow on his forehead.

17. “My dog’s butt fur swirls.”

18. “I also found a pup with a perfect circle in his coat.”

19. An albino raccoon — it’s very friendly, apparently.

20. “A zonkey (zebra/donkey hybrid) seen at a local livestock show”

21. “Happy Saturday, ya’ll.”

Have you ever seen anything like these things in your life? What was your first reaction to it?


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