20 Floofsters That Mastered Their Ability to Ask for Attention

3 years ago

Begging for food, demanding more attention, or subtly letting you know it’s playtime. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small kitten, a fluffy doggo, or a precious little rat, clingy animals can be seen in all shapes and sizes and all they want is to be a part of your day.

So don’t let your furry friend see these, because Bright Side found the animal ninjas in attention-seeking and your little one may be able to learn a thing or 2 from them.

1. “This is what happens when I tell him he can’t sit on my lap.”

2. “Please, would you throw the ball for the 6,267th time?”

3. “My dog when I’m not giving him attention”

4. Pet me, human!

5. “She just likes her paws being held.”

6. No more math for today, please!

7. “He is begging for food.”

8. “The cat will sit like this forever if you don’t give him attention.”

9. “This is my life now.”

10. “A very attention-seeking kitten means that this is the only way I can get work done.”

11. “My dog waits patiently with a foot in her bowl to let me know she’s hungry.”

12. “He’s just trying to get attention and I won’t play his game.”

13. “My cat brings me socks whenever I don’t pay attention to her.”

14. “This little guy used to come to our door and beg for peanuts.”

15. “Ripped the curtains down, looked me directly in the eye, and started playing with them.”

16. “This is a new low. And no, I can’t hear the ocean.”

17. “This is Lily and she hates it when I study.”

18. “He just yells at me nonstop.”

19. “He’s definitely winning.”

20. “This is my sleeve mouse.”

How does your pet ask for attention? What do you most enjoy doing together with your pet?


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I have 4 cats and my boy Ty will come and sit on top of my note book when I'm writing and if I'm on my phone while he's laying on my lap, he'll keep touching my face with his paw to get my attention. And ty and his sister Hollie will meow at me to get my attention, and all I have to do is say baby and they're fine 🙂


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