20 Fresh Photos That Prove There’s Nothing More Exciting Than a Cat’s Life

4 years ago

Cats have always had a reputation for being mysterious yet fun and curious creatures. They can turn up unexpectedly, anywhere, anytime and are always up to some mischief. The big expressive eyes of these furry felines have been intriguing us for so long. Now it’s time to really see why we should be envious that their lives are so much better than ours.

Get ready to be amazed by the interesting lives that cats lead, with this compilation of photos by Bright Side.

1. Where’s my food? Apparently the breakfast chef is running behind today.

2. Karl, stop it! They can see us!

3. The king of the streets

4. Ain’t I cool?

5. Do I really have to finish this book.....

6. This is my I-hate-deadlines look.

7. Look at my birthday cake... Isn’t it interesting?

8. Trying to be cleverrrrrr...

9. My get-out-of-bed move....

10. I wish my tongue was just a little bit longer...

11. So many urgent e-mails to be sent...

12. I don’t want to get out of bed...

13. Birthday cake? Check! Birthday hat? Check! Birthday gift? Surprise...

14. Hang on, guys!

15. Video games can be fun...

16. Enough of the working out. I’m fit enough already.

17. That wasn’t me. Hehehe...

18. Still need a better close-up?

19. Unboxing can be fun... Playing hide-and-seek in it can be super fun.

20. Copycat... literally.

Are you a proud cat owner? Do you have funny photos of your cat living its best life?

Preview photo credit tumblr, tumblr


The most exiting in cats life is to look at your owner when he has to get up early in the morning, but you can sleep the whole day :)

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