20 Great Movies About Complicated Relationships

10 months ago

No matter how many romantic films have been presented to the public already, people will never stop enjoying them. This is probably because love stories are always so inspiring, and they evoke the best emotions and feelings within us. Movie characters often have to fight for their love and happiness, but this is actually what makes romantic films so fascinating.

We here at Bright Side have prepared a list of 20 romantic movies for you to choose from. Here are the films that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Wicker Park

Matthew, a young advertising executive, prepares for his business trip to China. But in a restaurant just before his departure, he thinks he sees his former girlfriend Lisa, a woman who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Trying to track down the whereabouts of this girl, Matt runs into another young woman calling herself Lisa who, for some reason, wears the same clothes as his ex-lover. Involved in a masterful intrigue, Matthew doesn’t give up and tries to figure out what’s going on.

Love Me If You Dare

As children, Julien and Sophie came up with a twisted truth-or-dare game to get each other into trouble. Even when they grew older, this game didn’t stop. Quite the reverse, actually: it evolved into a game of revenge due to the emotional turmoil and heartbreak they inflicted on each other. They knew that they were in love with each other, but they couldn’t be together.


Eilis Lacey, a young Irish woman, leaves her native village for the States. Having found a good job, she adjusts to living away from home and really enjoys it. Soon, Eilis falls in love with a very handsome boy, but a family tragedy forces her to return to Ireland. Ironically, she is introduced to another wonderful guy who falls in love with her too. The question remains open: who will she choose?

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Henry and Clare’s love story is not like any other. They have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was 36, but they married when she was 23 and he was 31. Impossible, but true. Henry suffers from a very rare disease called Chrono-Displacement Disorder. Periodically, he finds himself misplaced in time. His continuing unavoidable absences while time traveling makes things very difficult for Clare.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie Anderson, a young journalist working for Composure magazine, is assigned to write an article on how to lose a guy in 10 days. For this purpose, she has to find a guy first and then get him to fall in love with her. Then after this, she needs to make all the classic dating mistakes so he’ll dump her. Andie’s target is a handsome young ad agent who has just made a bet with his boss that he can make any girl fall in love with him in just 10 days. Will these guys be able to complete their mission?

50 First Dates

Henry Roth meets charming Lucy and they have a great time together. Their first date is going so well that viewers believe that their relationship will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, Lucy suffers from short-term memory loss. Every night when she goes to sleep, she forgets everything that happened to her the day before. But Henry won’t let this stop him, and is ready to fight for his love.

While You Were Sleeping

Lucy, a very beautiful but shy girl, has a secret crush on a handsome commuter named Peter Callaghan. One day, she witnesses him being mugged and pushed off a platform. Lucy rescues Peter and decides to visit him at the hospital until he wakes up from a coma. But Peter’s family mistakes Lucy for his fiancée and welcomes her into the family. And, furthermore, while with this family, Lucy falls in love with Peter’s brother, who returns her love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal Weaver’s life changes dramatically when he discovers that his wife has cheated on him and wants a divorce. Trying to forget this awful incident, Cal goes to a bar where he meets Jacob Palmer, a professional lady’s man who offers to help him. He teaches Cal how to wear stylish clothes and how to pick up a woman in the bar. But wherever Cal is, his heart still belongs to his wife.


Dan, a young writer in love with a stripper named Alice, is having a love affair with another girl, a fashion photographer named Anna. At the same time, Larry begins dating Anna but also spends time with Alice. The relationships between the two couples become more and more complicated. Will any of them be strong enough to put this destructive sequence of events to a stop?

My Sassy Girl

Charlie is an ordinary college student who lives a boring life. Returning from home one day on the subway, he notices a beautiful girl Jordan, who falls onto the railway line, and he saves her life. After several dates, Jordan appears to be everything that he was looking for. Charlie tries to win her heart, but things get pretty complicated.

The Vow

Paige and Leo get into a car accident during their honeymoon. Paige has a serious head injury and is in a coma, but when she wakes up, she doesn’t recognize Leo. Leo decides to win the heart of his wife again.

The Holiday

Iris Simpkins, a wedding column writer, is in love with a man who is about to marry another woman. In Southern California, Amanda Woods, the owner of a prospering advertising firm that creates movie trailers, discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Two unfamiliar women meet online at a home exchange website and impulsively decide to switch homes for two weeks. This is when the life of each woman changes dramatically.

Blue Valentine

This movie tells the story of Dean and Cindy, a couple who have been married for several years already but who are at an impasse in their relationship. When they met, they thought their love would last forever, but everything has changed. Will these two people be able to survive their marriage?

Last Night

Joanna and Michael are a beautiful newly-wed couple. But having spent just one night apart, they stop trusting each other. Michael takes a business trip with his female colleague, which makes Joanna suspect that her husband is having an affair. Obviously, things are heating up between them. And when Joanna encounters her past love, she accepts his offer to go out for drinks later. Will their relationship last?

Love, Rosie

Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were kids. After school, they decide to go to the US together to attend a university. But everything didn’t go as they planned: Rosie gets pregnant and Alex moves to another country. It seems like the young friends are riding on two parallel waves that never quite manage to cross, but they still remember each other and the feelings they shared.

The Painted Veil

The Painted Veil tells the story of a young couple, Walter and Kitty. Walter, an intelligent middle-class doctor, falls in love with Kitty, an upper-class woman. Although Kitty is not remotely in love with the doctor, she agrees to marry him just because it is time to do so. The couple goes to a small village in a remote area of China, where Kitty begins to see her husband in a different light and starts to fall in love with him.

A Lot Like Love

While traveling by plane, “good boy“ Oliver Martin meets ”bad girl" Emily. For seven years, they meet each other on special occasions. Only later do they understand that their relationship is something much deeper than simple friendship.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky and Cristina, two young American girls, spend a summer in Spain and meet flamboyant artist Antonio. The girls are very different in character: Vicky is bright but cautious, and Cristina has a very rebellious nature. Antonio can’t choose who he likes more, and it gets even more complicated when Antonio’s ex-wife María Elena arrives. This is when the most interesting events happen.

Water for Elephants

Set in the desperate times of the Great Depression, the film tells the story of a young veterinarian Jacob. After his parents’ death, he quits veterinarian school and finds himself aboard a circus train. Here, Jacob gets a job as a vet and falls in love with Marlena, one of the show’s star performers, who is married to the charismatic but unbalanced circus boss.

The Best of Me

Based on the novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, "The Best of Me" is a story about two former high school lovers. Neither has lived the life they imagined, and neither can forget the passionate first love that changed their lives forever. One day, they meet at the funeral of their mentor who once gave them shelter.


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