20 Grown-Up Child Stars Who Made Us Realize How Ancient We Are

4 years ago

Yes, Harry Potter was released more than 15 years ago and it’s been 26 years for Jurassic Park. Yes, we are all very old. And, while we were busy watching reruns of these classics, the actors who played the parts in them have aged quite a bit too. A LOT actually.

Bright Side has put together a list featuring child actors who have transformed so much, you’ll have to look twice to recognize them.

1. Tom Felton — Harry Potter (32 years old)

2. Mara Wilson — Matilda (32 years old)

3. Peter Billingsley — A Christmas Story (48 years old)

4. Josh Peck — Drake & Josh (33 years old)

5. Raven Symone — That’s So Raven (33 years old)

6. Abigail Breslin — The Princess Diaries (23 years old)

7. Christina Ricci — The Addams Family (39 years old)

8. Noelle and Cali Sheldon — Friends (17 years old)

9. Joseph Mazzello — Jurassic Park (36 years old)

10. Melissa Joan Hart — Sabrina the Teenage Witch (43 years old)

11. Afshan Azad — Harry Potter (30 years old)

12. Jonathan Taylor Thomas — The Adventures of Pinocchio (38 years old)

13. Thora Birch — Hocus Pocus (37 years old)

14. Jonathan Lipnicki — Stuart Little (29 years old)

15. Linda Blair — The Exorcist (60 years old)

16. Toby Froud — The Labyrinth (35 years old)

17. Dakota Fanning — I Am Sam (25 years old)

18. Freddie Highmore — Finding Neverland (27 years old)

19. Jodie Foster — Freaky Friday (56 years old)

20. Bella Thorne — Shake it Up (22 years old)

Which is your favorite ’90s movie or show that you could watch over and over again? Let us know in the comments!


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Im suprised that they are so old... it seems like yesterday i was watching Drake and Josh or thats so raven


Harry Potter actors got so old, but I felt like it was yesterday I read these books and watched films with them..


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