20 Heartfelt Pics That Can Reach the Depths of Our Souls

3 years ago

Prepare yourself for a ride on the emotional bandwagon. From the unforgettable feeling of meeting your newborn for the first time to grandparents celebrating a life full of love together. Some photos on the internet have the power to strike us right in the heart and feed our soul with warmth and affection.

So buckle up and let us at Bright Side be your guide, as we are about to see some of the most touching and sweet situations people shared with the world.

1. “My daughter and the kitten we saved in the rain yesterday”

2. “My grandparents have been together since they were 14. This is what forever love looks like.”

3. “My wife took this photo of me.”

4. “I immediately fell in love with her.”

5. “I’ll never get tired of the way she looks at me.”

6. “Being a dad has been a blast! Now she’s 20 and in college. Time flies! Enjoy the ride!”

7. “Our first father and son outfit!”

8. “After 2 years of wearing Spiderman clothes almost every day, my son finally got to meet him yesterday.”

9. “I’ve looked at him the same way since 1975.”

10. “My son met his idol today.”

11. “My father-in-law, holding a sloth. Love you old man.”

12. “My dad proposed to my mom again on the 40th anniversary of his first proposal.”

13. “My stepdad, my son, and my husband. The 3 greatest men in my life. My heart is full!”

14. “Today is my grandparent’s 66th wedding anniversary!”

15. “My son and our cat, every single day”

16. “They are best buds.”

17. The way these 2 brothers look at each other

18. “My son gets so excited when he’s around ducks.”

19. “My grandparents 60 years later and still each other’s everything.”

20. “Pure happiness from both kitten and father-in-law”

What was the most touching situation you experienced lately?

Preview photo credit J0siie / reddit


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