20+ Hilarious Photos of Clumsy Animals That Are Hard to Stop Laughing At

3 years ago

When watching our pets at home or observing wild animals in nature we often think, “Wow! They are just like people!” Just like us, animals can be silly and serious, kind and angry, graceful and of course, clumsy! They stumble and fall, get trapped and find themselves in the most awkward situations like many of us do. Take a look at this series of animal fails and have a good laugh at these funny creatures!

Here at Bright Side, we can’t stop laughing at these clumsy and cute animals. Will you share the same level of amusement?

1. Meet flamingo, one of the most graceful birds on Earth...

2. “Turn on the light, guys!”

3. “You can’t see me if I can’t see you, right?”

4. “Enjoying the summer heat in my sun lounger...”

5. “Got stuck in food? Enjoy it!”

6. Beauty and grace embodied!

7. A must-have picture with a clumsy friend

8. When you want to lie in a hammock but something goes wrong:

9. “What are you looking at?”

10. When you ask a friend to take a flattering picture of you:

11. When you have no clue how to use those human things:

12. It looks like this dog feels pretty comfortable!

13. First steps down the stairs

14. “Somebody, help me!”

15. “That stick is too big, buddy!”

16. “Seeing the world upside down is mesmerizing!”

17. “Oops!”

18. Cats are not the only liquid animals on Earth...

19. When you know exactly what your dog has just been doing:

20. When you’ve finally found the perfect pose to take a nap in:

21. “Who am I? What am I doing here? What’s the purpose of my existence?”

22. Sometimes it’s better to slow down a bit...

Which of these animals made you laugh the most? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments!


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