20 Incredible Office Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

2 months ago

Do you feel like your office is a dull, boring place that’s lacking positivity and creative energy? Bright Side found 20 awesome gadgets that would add extra joy and convenience to your life and make your workday go by a lot faster.

Do you ever wish you had a mug that could keep your coffee hot for hours, or a comfortable place to rest your feet while you sit at a desk? Well, then you’ll definitely want to own all of these fantastic items below.

1. The sticky note roll

No more searching for those bits of paper all over the place.

2. Flexible storage straps

Keep all of your items within reach with these space-saving straps.

3. Post-it watches

A perfect reminder that ensures you will never forget another task or event.

4. A paper table

This great product makes collaborating and sharing ideas easier.

5. The notepaper roller

Tear off the exact amount of paper that you need for the task. A really smart design!

6. The mini zen garden

A great way to relax and to add some greenery to your desk.

7. Error message sticky notes

A fun way to communicate with your coworkers.

8. A hammock for your feet

A dream come true! Give your feet a rest with this under-desk hammock.

9. The personal mini-fridge

Perfect to keep your snacks close...and maybe even some beer!

10. A stealth switch

Give it a tap to hide any non-work related applications and windows, when your boss walks by.

11. The portable cup warmer

Your coffee will never get cold again.

12. Hand-warmers for a freezing cold office

Keep your hands toasty with these cute hand-warmers while you type.

13. The calendar stamp

Use this stamp on any sheet of paper, to plan your weekly or monthly activities.

14. The whiteboard wall clock

Perfect for keeping your daily schedule organized. I need one of these!

15. Genuine working tools

These novelty pens make writing more fun!

16. The desk organizer

This organizer will keep your things together and close at hand.

17. The portable document and photo scanner

This handy device scans your documents and photos and sends them to your email or printer via Wi-Fi.

18. Three-point trash basket

Knocking down free throws just became the buzzer beater with the basketball stand wastebasket.

19. A cat USB hub

Kitty USB hub has 9 lives, only 4 ports.

20. Pooleaf pen

Everyone at your office will be fascinated by these pens.

Preview photo credit fancy, connectdesign


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