20 Inventions That Can Give You More Joy Than a Good Lunch

11 months ago

Ever since the invention of the wheel, people have been coming up with gadgets to make life just a little bit easier for all of us. People’s imagination truly has no limits, especially when it comes to comfort, and it seems like nowadays, we have a utensil for practically everything. See for yourself — you don’t even need to break your own eggs anymore.

We at Bright Side love technology and innovation, especially when they make things all snug and cozy, so we’re sharing our list of products that are the pinnacles of comfort.

1. Finally they came up with something that’ll let us watch TV shows while doing anything else.

2. Silicone waterproof covers to protect your shoes

3. A pillow that prevents your hand from becoming numb

4. Now you can wear high heels forever and your feet won’t hurt.

5. This universal cleaning gel will get rid of dust from anywhere.

6. No more having your headphones fall out while you’re working out.

7. Water bottle, with storage for your essentials

8. Thank you for finally creating an arm supporter for us.

9. The only problem we have when watching stuff on our cell phone has finally been solved.

10. We even have machines that break eggs for you.

11. No need to struggle with a strainer anymore.

12. This electromixer mixes your food by itself while you’re doing anything else.

13. There are even hangers that dry your clothes.

14. No more spilled juices and heavy bottles.

15. Car seat head holder, so you can finally sleep comfortably in the car.

16. Make any place feel like home with a carry-on closet.

17. This keyboard lets your shoulders relax as you type.

18. It’s a neck wrap that offers both heat and cold relief.

19. Cup holders are not just for cars anymore.

20. Every freelancer’s dream is now a reality

Which gadget do you wish somebody would invent? Share with us in the comments, because who knows — maybe these inventors read our comments from time to time.

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5 is the solution I have been looking for! I have a mechanic keyboard and now I take of all the buttons when I try to clean it


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