20 Notes From Kids That Are Better Than Any Hollywood Screenplay

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4 years ago

Leaving notes is the cutest thing, but with kids’ lack of experience in writing and spelling they have an extraordinary charm. You never know what’s in a kid’s head and what they will write to you next, but what is for sure, is that when they get a pencil and a piece of paper it will turn out to be a masterpiece.

Bright Side adores kids and the funny notes they leave so we’ve collected several of them to light up your day.

1. Ava Furious, mother of shaved cats


I told you please don’t shave the cats. And you did! You knew how sad I was last time. So why did you do it!? Therefor I will not speak to you.

Love Hate,


2. Owen is being pretty clear about who’s the boss in the house.

“You go biy my Legos today or your fired mommy. Love Owen”

3. A parent refused to write a note to the violin teacher, so the kid did it.

“Riley is qwiting vilin! for porfeshenl reasons!”

4. At least he tried.

“Dear Brody,

Miss P made me write you this note. All I want to say sorry for is not being sorry cause I tried to feel sorry but I don’t.


5. “Found a note my little sister left my parents when she was a kid. I guess I was too bossy for her.”

“Dear Moma and Daddy,

I’m probably running away to live with Sharee, or Raegan, or Claire. It’s because of Liam. He is so mean and bossy. Well, bye.


Erin Regan Collins

P.S. If I don’t runaway, I’m never talking again. Ever”

6. “Grow up, Shawn.”

“Shawn I am braking up with you. You have not talked to me sinc the day you ask me out. That was 3 months ago. You need to git it together or you will never git mareed and that wold be sad. You shold git married. Just not to me.


7. The definition of love

“Dear Mom

Thank you sooooo much for being my mom. if I had a different Mom I would punch her in the face and go find you.

Love, Brooke”

8. She’d better give him that lollipop.

“If yoy dant give me that lolepop we are going to fite to detht”

9. “My 5-year-old daughter brought me this note ‘from her kindergarten teacher.’”

“Matt and Steph,

on Monday no scoohl! Thank you”

10. And the “Parent of the Year” award goes to the mom of this kid.

“I love you so much and thanku for feeding me so I wont die”

11. Good luck, Santa.

“Dear Santa,

How are you? I’m good. Here is what I want for Christmas. <link>”

12. When your kid has more drama in her life than you do:

“I wons had a boy frend I broc up with him I wish I did not”

13. That was close.

“Your the BEAST mom ever”

14. We are so sorry for your loss.

“The dog ate my last cookie and I am very upsep”

15. “We sold one of my daughters old puzzles, but a piece was missing. Found it an hour later and mailed it to the new owner with this note.”

“The puzzle piece really wanted to stay, but its time was up. You might even say its goose was cooked”

16. This is what the next Star Wars movie should start with:

“Give me my 15 dollars otherwise I will cstrike you with my lightsaver. Love Darth Vader”

17. The note a recently divorced teacher got from one of her students

“Ms. X, do you like watching TV or what? Are you lonely? I can live with you.


18. What’s going on in these schools?

“Dear Brie

I an so sorry I ate your hair. You are a good friend.

from Gannon”

19. This one raises some questions...

“Dear Mom.

Please stop burping up poop on my bed”

20. Nice try, Collin.

“Mr. amd Mrs. Walker

Ther will be no scool this wek so Collin can stay home and play video games.

From Mrs. Teague

I am the techer!!”

Do you have any funny notes from your kids or your childhood? Share with everyone in the comments so we can all laugh together!

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