20 Objects From the Old Days That Have Passed the Test of Time

year ago

From vintage dinnerware to toasters passed down from Grandma, there are many objects older than the hills. However, they are of such good quality that are still as shiny as the day they were made. We’ve compiled a list of some of them.

1. “My dad’s razor from 1976”

2. “Early 50s Westinghouse refrigerator”

3. “This 1985 Spirit of St. Louis field radio that I got from my grandpa”

4. “My Rival crockpot 3150. 50-ish years old and still cooking family dinners without a hitch.”

5. “My 1993 Volvo 240. Runs like a champ still.”

6. “My 2001 first generation iPod is still going strong.”

7. “Gaffers and Sattler stove/oven still working strong after 70+ years!”

8. “This tree is going on its fourth generation of people. Don’t know the exact age but pre-1940.”

9. “My 1910s Dietz Bestov hand lamp. It may not be an everyday-use item, but it’s always good to have a backup light source around.”

“This particular one has stood the test of time and is still in near-mint condition.”

10. “1951 KyM coffee grinder”

11. “Remington Letter-Riter typewriter, purchased in 1958 for $83.41, which would be $860.11 today”

12. “L.L. bean duck boots from 1939”

13. “1974 Cub Cadet 149. Still works nearly 50 years later.”

14. “Kenwood mixer from the 70s, belonged to my grandmother, now in the care of my mother”

15. “Authentic 1910 Singer sewing machine inherited from my great-grandmother. Still works”

16. “New World Conquest, British gas cooker manufactured in 1972. Still in daily use”

17. “My wife’s Whirley-Pop that her grandmother used. Still makes perfect popcorn every time”

18. “Stiletto TBII framing hammer, used daily for almost 20 years”

19. “GE A10 T17 toaster, close to 50 years old and still used daily. It was my grandmother’s until she passed away, and I ended up with it.”

“Don’t make them like this anymore.”

20. “Instead of buying the new version of this Fisher Price farm set for my son, I thrifted a much older version a couple of years ago.”

“It’s been played with almost daily since, and I see it lasting another 30+ years!”

Do you have any antique objects in your house? Which is the oldest one? How did it come to you?


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