20 Offbeat People Who Jumped Way Ahead of All That Scientific Progress

2 years ago

Devices that we use every day often determine our behavior. Some people find new ways to use their devices, others try to make cheap alternatives look like the originals. But no matter what these people invent, they are always extremely creative.

Internet users share their pseudo-technological inventions that Bright Side thinks are worth being mass-produced.

1. When you love a famous brand but want to stay humble:

2. How to prevent your AirPods from being stolen:

3. “Caught my wife taking a pic of a pic. She said this was easier.”

4. High-speed phone charger

5. This tablet stand is almost free.

6. Or, here is an even cheaper version.

7. AirPod-earrings: a great and functional piece of jewelry

8. Another idea for a tablet stand

9. “My Grandma can’t figure out how to zoom on her iPad.”

10. The kids decided to use the iPad as a book stand.

11. “Here’s how I keep cookies warm at the office.”

12. “This is how my cheap father avoids having to buy a new iPad charger.”

13. “Saw a dude on the train rocking a leaked version of the new AirPods.”

14. This is another solution.

15. When you need to back up your hard drive and it’s taking hours, you need extra cat protection!

16. “Woke up this morning to this. My mom wants to watch Breaking Bad on her iPad but she also wants the dog to be able to look out the window.”

17. Parent Hack: Attach a length of ribbon to your remotes. This will help you locate them when they get stuck between the cushions or under the couch!

18. A low-tech lifehack for the ages

19. “I made a Lego TV monitor out of an old laptop screen.”

20. When you want to look cool, but your budget is limited:

Which of these inventions would you love to use?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit DrElonMusk / Imgur


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Does this guy use an iPad as a mouse pad while working on another iPad?
Hilarious :D


I like that these kids found the book more interesting, than iPad :)


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