20 Peaceful Photos That Feel Like a Massage for the Soul

3 years ago

It is such a pleasure to look at pics that sparkle with joy and perfection. A tiny bumblebee sleeping in a rose, gorgeous sparks from a campfire, or a perfect pyramid of pancakes and syrup — this is what we call a peaceful world. After reading the whole article, make sure to save it in your bookmarks and don’t forget to get rid of your anti-stress medicine!

With this in mind, Bright Side dug through the whole internet to find pics that can easily stand up to any yoga lesson with their loveliness and oddly satisfying vibes.

1. “I found this little bumblebee sleeping (yes, sleeping!) inside one of my roses.”

2. “The way the sunbeam and shadow perfectly aligned themselves”

3. “Sunrise skies on fire”

4. “One of my oil paintings, done with a single palette knife”

5. Find someone who will look at you the way this cat looks at the sun.

6. This is a frozen car.

7. “The snow only settled on the outline of the bricks on my friend’s driveway.”

8. “This almost perfect circle formed by dead grass and the wind.”

9. “My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks.”

10. “Long exposure photo of a campfire.”

11. “My orange juice is the same color as the mug it’s in.”

12. “When the bathroom door is closed almost all the way, each of the 4 bulbs in the bathroom emits its own distinct beam of light into the room.”

13. “Color gradient moss”

14. “I accidentally left a bowl of beet juice on the counter and the top layer rippled.”

15. A perfect circle of Dum Dums

16. “This perfect pyramid of pancakes”

17. “I always think I’ve found the perfect flower, but this one might take the cake.”

18. “I was trying to take a long exposure shot of the stars when an airplane decided to cut through my frame.”

19. “The sunset perfectly aligns with the skyscraper...”

20. “Every year, my next door neighbor’s house looks like a can of Arizona Green Tea.”

Have you ever seen such peaceful vibes in everyday things? Did you manage to capture the moment? Share them in the comment section, we’d love to see!


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